Wake Up Call

These goals seem so attainable. Even when things seem on the brink of breaking, something comes along and saves you from the aching. A wake up call, not meant to ignore. Showing you it’s time to raise the score. Leaving everyone in awe. Time to step up the plate. Offer them a beauty so great,…Read more »


Waves crashing, sand between your toes. Smoke fills your lungs. Are you ready for the plunge? Sun kisses you lightly. Water rushes, feeling icy. Idly, you stand there… feel the fresh air, nothing can compare. Problems wash away at every swift pull the ocean demands. I urge you to stay in the moment, do not…Read more »


I’m a firm believer in gut feelings.   The foreboding that saves you from potential imploding.   Follow what is in your gut, don’t put yourself in a rut… which will only take years to readjust your gears.

Little Box

There’s a little box I have , it holds my biggest secrets. There a little box I have, it holds in my strongest and wildest demons. There’s this little box I have, it holds treasures never seen. I continue to say “little” but the things it holds, are not. If you ever opened the box,…Read more »

First Light

The way the sun hit you as you woke, brightened my morning thoughts. I remember your skin gleaming, as the sun crept through the blinds. Illuminating the small freckles on your cheeks. Each freckle a peculiar, yet perfect shape. Your mouth took the form of a slight grin, quickly I wondered what you were dreaming…Read more »

Two Letter Word..

No … A two letter word, which most step over, not taking into consideration the meaning. Not listening to the repetition of the word, as it escapes my mouth quicker than I can process what is happening. Trying to put a stop to a train coming at me full speed. But what more power can…Read more »


I’ve been convinced that I love too hard… but what does that even mean? I’ve been convinced time and time again that my love is overpowering, leaving me doubting. I pour every ounce of love I have into everyone’s cup, yet ironically, mines is empty. They say give and you shall receive, that used to…Read more »