Leaving behind little pieces of my heart in every place we painfully had to depart. Our love accrued within the four corners of every room. Blossoming beautifully, being watered by every new adventure we pursued. Locking our eyes on each other, seeking something further. Desiring this love to act as a life preserver. Your adorning,…Read more »

Things Money Can’t Buy..

You can not buy my love… you can not garnish my soul with the materialistic things of this world. My soul requires a tender touch, a loving smile, the kind that takes me the extra mile. Tailor-made love just for me, if only you could see… I never wanted your money. Greed which was colored…Read more »

Bad Guys

I hate how the bad guys fuck me good. They lick me so tenderly then thrust me aggressively.. they make me feel liberated, but yet ironically I start feeling incarcerated. Their masculinity is really, oh so fragile. If I wanted I could speak up and give them a hassle. But I'm just yearning for the…Read more »


The sweetest story that God ever told… was merely destroyed by two mortal souls. You both had one job.. stay together, but how could that be the case when you had fallen from her grace. One couldn't keep the promises he told. And the other resented him… sending cold, hard scolds. Your love was ideal…Read more »

Honeyed Words

Rereading the last words we exchanged, hoping to feel a sense of you again. The last words we exchanged were not like the first. Honeyed words went from pleasantries to hate and agony. I wish I could rewind the time, feel your heart with mine. How do you go from love and care to "fuck…Read more »

Wake Up Call

These goals seem so attainable. Even when things seem on the brink of breaking, something comes along and saves you from the aching. A wake up call, not meant to ignore. Showing you it’s time to raise the score. Leaving everyone in awe. Time to step up the plate. Offer them a beauty so great,…Read more »


Waves crashing, sand between your toes. Smoke fills your lungs. Are you ready for the plunge? Sun kisses you lightly. Water rushes, feeling icy. Idly, you stand there… feel the fresh air, nothing can compare. Problems wash away at every swift pull the ocean demands. I urge you to stay in the moment, do not…Read more »