Bad Guys

I hate how the bad guys fuck me good. They lick me so tenderly then thrust me aggressively.. they make me feel liberated, but yet ironically I start feeling incarcerated.
Their masculinity is really, oh so fragile. If I wanted I could speak up and give them a hassle.
But I'm just yearning for the passion. They rock my world and leave me temporarily enamored.
They pull my hair and make me fall in love with this lustrous affair.
They whisper "you're such a bad girl"… well guess what, I'm not. Everything has fallen apart, I'm a good girl with new found issues that has led me to them, so here we are just switching positions.

These bad guys, yeah… they fuck me good but really I'm just aiding in building up their manhood.
And my womanhood is broken … which they will not fix. Instead it will only lead me to a ditch … which they will throw dirt on me before lending a helping hand.

Damn if only I knew what I know now… these bad guys will fuck you good, but will only leave you feeling misunderstood.

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