Hi friends!

It’s Ari, welcome to my official blog. I’ve decided to finally start sharing my pieces, which range from poems, spoken words, random thoughts and moments in my life. While sitting on this idea for a lot longer than I hoped, super happy I’m taking a step into something I love.

As the good ol’ Shakespeare said:

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!”, he was right. That is me! I am a small individual with a voice ready to be heard, ready to share. This is my safe place, to share my collection with you.

Passion is a strong feeling. Which we can all share a common ground by feeling passionate towards one thing, or another in our lives. Finally I realized writing was such a peaceful remedy to anything I was facing in life- quickly turning into a passionate hobby. I am a hopeful spirit, with a big heart. I hope to live a life of love, laughter, peace and full of family. The main component in  my life is my family. After all they have shaped me into a caring, gentle and able being. As I get older I am ready to face new challenges, visit new  places, and continue growing and being an asset to myself and others around me.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my words and Welcome to my Daily DiAri.