I’m a firm believer in gut feelings.   The foreboding that saves you from potential imploding.   Follow what is in your gut, don’t put yourself in a rut… which will only take years to readjust your gears.

Little Box

There’s a little box I have , it holds my biggest secrets. There a little box I have, it holds in my strongest and wildest demons. There’s this little box I have, it holds treasures never seen. I continue to say “little” but the things it holds, are not. If you ever opened the box,…Read more »

First Light

The way the sun hit you as you woke, brightened my morning thoughts. I remember your skin gleaming, as the sun crept through the blinds. Illuminating the small freckles on your cheeks. Each freckle a peculiar, yet perfect shape. Your mouth took the form of a slight grin, quickly I wondered what you were dreaming…Read more »

Two Letter Word..

No … A two letter word, which most step over, not taking into consideration the meaning. Not listening to the repetition of the word, as it escapes my mouth quicker than I can process what is happening. Trying to put a stop to a train coming at me full speed. But what more power can…Read more »


I’ve been convinced that I love too hard… but what does that even mean? I’ve been convinced time and time again that my love is overpowering, leaving me doubting. I pour every ounce of love I have into everyone’s cup, yet ironically, mines is empty. They say give and you shall receive, that used to…Read more »


I fall back into you, acting like it’s our first time. As if our souls were making the first connection. Not taking a second to think back on the last few times I fell so quickly. I was addicted to sound of your voice. It was a sweet lullaby that calmed every problem that arose…Read more »


“The constant objectification is leading to a deep suffocation. Making excuses, hoping what they want is a deeper gratification. Trying to turn lust into admiration, only realizing it is a quick way to incarceration” I wrote this piece to convey the slightest feelings one experiences from being objectified. In this society, to men, women are: objects, accessories to put on…Read more »